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Monument Sign Rebuild

Date: February 29, 2024

Case Study: Excellence in Masonry – Monument Sign Rebuild

Pure Property Solutions was tasked with restoring this monument sign back to its former look and curb appeal. One pillar and half of the wall were left standing.

The Goal

Craft and build a new pillar and wall section that seamlessly meshes the old stone into the new.

Our Process

We began by clearing the rubble and rebuilding the wall section, followed by reconstructing the pillar frame using CMU block and mortar.

Finishing Touches

To achieve the same aesthetic as the previous structure, we utilized stone veneer pieces. These stones were packed in with mortar and meticulously chiseled away to reveal a natural stacked stone pattern.

The Final Product

Salvaging the previous structures capstone and ball point, we completed the project by sealing the capstone back in place. This project was completed on a five-day timeline.

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