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Vinyl Siding, Metal Fascia, Gutters

Date: April 17, 2024

Case Study: Vinyl Siding / Metal Fascia / New 6” Gutters


This community is the western section of Cincinnati and consists of (18) Multi Unit Buildings. The community requested us to help them update their homes with new vinyl siding, metal facia wrapping all existing wood trim and framing, and new 6” gutters with a Leaf Relief gutter guard system.  The project was top priority for the community to refresh the property and improve the community’s overall aesthetic, which would help increase home values.

Housing exterior with new siding, fascia, and gutters


The community wanted to update each structure while keeping the same aesthetic and overall look intact. Along with the exterior changes, they held concerns with home water intrusions wanted to ensure the framing inside each unit was in sound condition. This required a thorough inspection of all substrate areas. A highly requested detail of the project was to hide all gutter miters.


We removed all existing siding, metal wrapped facia, gutters, and downspouts. We then replaced any areas where rotted framing was present. Next, we installed all new vinyl siding, vents, and new metal that is wrapped around all fascia and freeze boards. This required precision and highly skilled labor.


PPS dedicated 7 months of labor and project oversight to deliver a high-quality finish which was a great success. The community board was so satisfied they have provided a written recommendation for us at PPS to use this project as a reference for any PPS projects in the future.

Housing exterior with new siding, fascia, and gutters

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