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Apartment Bridge Reconstruction

Date: April 17, 2024

Case Study: Apartment Bridge Reconstruction


The client for this project is in the process of re-financing this multi-family residential apartment complex. The bank’s risk assessment inspection flagged the bridges along walk paths as an issue that would likely limit the overall valuation of the property.

Deconstructing a decaying pedestrian bridge


The client is trying to prioritize the areas to invest money. That will both increase the valuation of the property along with eliminating risks. We had concerns that the structural integrity of these bridges was in question. The surface was very slippery, the handrail did not meet current code requirements and the overall appearance was poor.


We started to peel back the layers of the original construction. We removed the handrail system and the decking to expose the original framing. At that point we discovered that the original support system had been rotted out and needed to be replaced. We designed a new “Truss” frame system for the main support. And then rebuilt the decking and railing.


The results of our solution are impressive. We have solved all the issues. We completed the bridge rebuild under the original budget. This was completed prior to the re-appraisal of the property. This project has elevated the overall appearance and safety of the property.


Our ability to provide construction knowledge along with Professional Engineering Services through our network of Architects and Engineers saved our client time and money. We were able to be the conduit by which this very complex process was simplified and ultimately completed.

Finished pedestrian bridge

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